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3 Trends in Corporate eLearning to Look Out For in 2017

While corporate eLearning is a very unique niche, it’s not altogether separate from other elements of business. In a corporate setting, eLearning needs to be scalable, which is made possible with proper structure, compliant with regulations, able to be adopted across the globe, and financially feasible.

Here are 5 trends in the world of corporate eLearning that you can expect to see in 2017.

  1. More Adaptive Programs

Just like most other things, change is inevitable and even necessary to adapt to the changing times. As such, the original corporate eLearning concept is not exactly relevant for today. Adaptive eLearning programs are able to accommodate specific needs of certain users, which gives them the opportunity to work with areas that they’re much more familiar with. Being adaptive will also offer various options for the delivery of eLearning to better suit the training for every individual using the program. Click here for